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Information Form
Name: Amanda Knapton
Age: 21
Sex: female
Height: 5'5"
Current Weight: 187.2
Goal Weight: 130 maybe 120
Eating Disorder (if any):
Diagnosed or Self-Diagnosed:
Anything Else About You: I was just looking for a group just like this and i finally found it. I am a third year college student and i'm not really sure what I should classify myself as. I don't know if i have a specific eating disorder but I do have issues with eating. I fast somedays and binge others. I know I hate binging and want to stop but when i'm doing it i just can't. This past summer I lost 30 pounds by overexcersizing and fasting in two months. In the past five i've gained 20 of it back. I can't find my happy medium and am once again trying to get back to feeling good again.
Pictures (optional)(behind a cut):
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